12 Powerful Persuasion Tools for Your Advertising

July 28, 2010
Written by: FPDominator

And why the book INFLUENCE, by Robert Cialdini holds the keys...

I was perusing through one of my favorite books on influence the other day - properly titled “INFLUENCE”, by Robert Cialdini. What a great book to leverage for small business advertising ideas that work.

There are principles and ideas that will transform your small business advertising. Here are the best 12. Which one is most important to you?

Offering something for nothing is still a viable advertising method. You must still create the desire to own the thing that is free. As small business owners, we can offer an “add-on” product for free with purchase, or a gift just for showing up at our business. These are called bonus offers, differentiate you from the competition and the appeal is strong.

The power of a story is in the details. The more specific a claim, the more believable. Dove soap is 99 44/100 % Pure, not 100% Pure. This also means that any benefits promoted in your marketing must be specific to your prospect. The more the benefits fit the buyer precisely, the more the consumer values it. This is a core marketing principle. Key takeaway - relate each feature and claim to exactly how your client will benefit from that feature or claim.

Diamonds are valuable because they are so rare. Small business owners need to create the illusion that what you sell is in such demand that you can’t keep them in stock.

There is always a reason to buy now. A sale is over in two days. There is a pending price increase. We only have 25 left in stock. We are going out of business. The new models are coming in, and we need to liquidate our inventory. (NOTE: - you may think that scarcity and urgency are “cheesy”… but be careful and don’t discount these principles. When done right they are very, very powerful).

The only place you can get this product is here. Also, it means that the target market can get this offer and nobody else. Perhaps because you are a member of a club or organization. Affinity membership is a very powerful motivator. Like minded folks think, act and want to be part of the same group.

If you do someone a favor, there is a strong internal need to return the favor. A form of this is always giving a little more than was paid for. This builds up a debt in the mind of the consumer. This also practically forces the consumer to recommend you to their friends.

Offer two or three products or services together, and name the offer something exclusive to you. This makes price comparisons difficult, and gives more value to the consumer. Just bundling two or three items together to build a package actually creates more value than the total if added together.

Keep It Simple:
The offer must be easy to understand. A child should be able to completely understand the offer. Here’s a golden rule - a confused consumer does nothing. They shut down. Don’t use industry jargon. Don’t try to look professional by using large uncommon words. Make your sales story very easy to follow.

Social Proof:
If everybody else wants what you sell, your prospect will want it too. If your customer believes that there is a great demand for what you sell, they will believe it must be good. Small business owners should use testimonials, and referrals. They both serve the purpose of giving social proof. If you don’t collect or ask for testimonials or referrals - get a plan in place to start! They’re a much needed element in today’s social media world. People will share and recommend those that give good service and have good products. This type of marketing trumps anything you can do. Get you customers words to sell for you.

Offering Choices:
Offer two or three choices in advertising and marketing. This changes the decision to choosing which item to buy, not whether to buy at all. A “Good, Better, Best” offer serves this purpose.

The authority can be you, a celebrity spokesperson, or a governing body. If something is “certified” then the buyer feels more secure in their decision to buy. If the buyer sees you as an expert, then your presentation is seen as advice rather than as a pitch. “Four out of five doctors recommend…” Very powerful concept.

Building Value:
Your offer must show at least twice as much value as the price you are asking. This value must be shown in the small business owner’s advertising and marketing. Every ad should tell everything the customer needs to know to want to buy what is being offered.

So there you have it. 12 powerful persuasion principles that you need to incorporate in your marketing. So get started today.
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